Sunday, 13 August 2017

In what seems to be the state's worst deluge in three decades, the death toll in the second wave of floods rose to 15, with 10 more deaths reported on Sunday. With over 10 lakh people affected in the last 24 hours, the total number of flood victims shot up to 15 lakh across 21 districts in Assam. Over 85% of the Kaziranga National Park (KNP) was inundated.
More than 1.83 lakh displaced have taken shelter in 439 relief camps. Rescue operations by the Army, Indian Air Force, National Disaster Response Force and the State Disaster Response Force personnel are underway, said state project co-coordinator of Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) Rajib Prakash Baruah. About 3,000 villagers were rescued and shifted to relief camps on Sunday, said defence PRO Lt

Water from the Brahmaputra overflowed into KNP - crossing six feet in many places — forcing animals to flee in search of shelter to the neighbouring Karbi Anglong district. "We will be able to ascertain the number of animal deaths only after the water recedes," said Kaziranga divisional forest officer Rohini Ballav Saikia, adding that 148 out of 188 anti-poaching camps have been submerged.
Four rhino calves have been rescued so far, Saikia said.
Rail and road connectivity has been snapped in most places. At least 14 trains have been stranded at different locations. The inundation of NH 37 left hundreds of vehicles stranded on the highway.

The first wave of floods between April and July claimed 85 lives and affected about 19 lakh people in the state.

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

To change epf profile like Date of Birth, Father’s name, Gender etc. follow the step given below.

 Step 1.  To open epf site Click Here

 Step 2. Click on OUR Service then for employee
Step 3.  click on Inoperative A/c helpdesk
Step 4 Click on First TimeUser Click to Proceed
Step 5.  Enter problem description in the box  in not more than 1000 characters
And press NEXT
Step 6.   Enter Employment details in the form below and press NEXT
Step 7.  Enter Personal details in the form below and press NEXT
Step 8.  Mobile number of the Member will be verified through the PIN sent on his mobile. After mobile
verification an SMS would be sent to the member communicating his/her reference ID for his future reference

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Affter disrupting the telecoms area with 100 % 100 % free 4G details and limitless speech phone calls, Dependency Jio is all set to spark another price war, this time in the internet area. The company is getting ready to launch its Fibers to the Home (FTTH) high speed internet sites in Native indian. This is something Native indian These days Technological had formerly exposed specifically. Now, there is sign that the company can deliver the assistance at inexpensive details prices, with one evaluation indicating that the JioFiber applications will start with Rs 500 for 100GB technique.
According to an ET evaluation, Jio is intending to give 100GB details for Rs 500. This is likely to increase an amount war in the high speed internet on the internet market as the other essential large quantities internet service providers will provide almost 50 % of these details at the dual price.
Jio in Nov last year had said that it is intended to impact the high speed internet on the internet market soon and the evaluation by ET clues that this may actually occur. Native indian These days Technological had formerly exposed that Jio will call the assistance as JioFiber and it will be combined out as Review provide originally. Those who sign-up for JioFiber Review provide will have to pay a refundable down payment of Rs 4500 as protection. The assistance is predicted to give prices of up to 10mbps and is currently being examined in six locations and ET reviews that the company increase its alternatives from July ahead.
In anticipations of JioFiber launch, opponents have already begun be prepared for it. Only few days ago, Airtel announced that it can provide 1,000 GB of 100 % 100 % free details to clients on choose high speed internet on the internet applications. The selling is still participating in Airtel's web website and can be obtained by Airtel associates who've authorized for Airtel Broadband Services on or post May 16.
Also Read: Exclusive: JioFiber Review Offer to soon give clients 100mbps on the internet accessibility for free
As per a TRAI evaluation, currently BSNL is major the high speed internet on the internet play with Large numbers of clients while Airtel roles second with 1.95 million clients. Here's a simple look at what BSNL and Airtel will provide under its FTTH alternatives.
BSNL: The state-owned BSNL provides 4 limitless high speed internet on the internet applications cost at Rs 3999, Rs 5999, Rs 9999 and Rs 16999 per 30 days. Under Rs 3999, client gets speeds up to 10 Mb per second until 200GB and post that amount decreases to 1Mbps. At Rs 5999, client gets speeds up to 20 Mb per second until 300GB and once the limit is exhausted amount decreases to 1Mbps. There is up to 50Mbps amount on Rs 9999 TILL 40GB and beyond that amount decreases to 2Mbps. For Rs 16999, clients gets up to 100 Mb per second until 600GB and 4 Mb per second beyond the limit.
Airtel: Company has different applications for different locations and we are here taking the applications for Delhi NCR. There are 5 high speed internet on the internet plans- Rs 899, Rs 1099, Rs 1299, Rs 1499 and Rs 1799. Those looking for Rs 899 technique get h prices of up to 16Mbps with 60GB details limit and 750GB compensate details for a year. There is 90GB details for with amount of up to 40Mbps and 1000GB compensate details for those registering to Rs 1099 technique. Customers looking for Rs 1299 technique will get 125GB details with prices of up to 100Mbps and compensate details of 1000GB. Then there is 1499 technique under which clients get 160GB details with 100Mbps prices and 1000GB compensate details. Lastly, Rs 1799 technique where clients gets 220GB details with 100Mbps prices and compensate details of 1000GB.
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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

In a masterstroke that shocked and surprised the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced today that from midnight, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes of the Indian currency will be banned. The PM said that the notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 “will not be legal tender from midnight tonight”. However, all notes in lower denomination of Rs 100, Rs 50, Rs 20, Rs 10, Rs 5, Rs 2 and Re 1 and all coins will continue to be valid. Be advised that banks will remain closed tomorrow and ATMs will also not function tomorrow and the day after. Also, ATM withdrawals will be restricted to Rs 2000 per day and withdrawals from bank accounts will be limited to Rs 10,000 a day and Rs 20,000 a week.(ALSO SEE Prince William shook hands with Narendra Modi. Here’s what happened next!)
In his address, Modi clarifies that this is an important step in the fight against corruption and black money. People holding notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 can deposit the same in their bank and post office accounts from November 10 till December 30, the PM said. Also, he announced that announced that new notes of Rs 2000 and Rs 500 will be introduced.
Travelers, especially foreign tourists, need to take note of this situation. You may see long queues at ATMs till midnight since they will remain closed for the next two days. Also, if you do make your way to an ATM, withdraw Rs 400 so that you get Rs 100 notes and not the Rs 500, 1000 ones which will be useless post midnight. You can still use your cards for transactions.
Narendra Modi clicked pictures of a tiger in Chhattisgarh and Twitter went berserk
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Monday, 7 November 2016

Whether you’re mobile-first or app interested, be a part of cellular promotion maestros from TUNE and retail shop massive Basics in this 100 % free VB Stay occasion to discover out the cellular promotion requirements you need to hit — and discover how to fulfill your objectives, increase your app, and develop your organization.

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Mobile promoters are in control of a lot these days, says Sheila Bhardwaj, home of consideration control at TUNE, but the greatest and most important piece is finding and caring potential clients.
And cellular issues because not only are app clients worth 2x what commitment group associates are, but international income from cellular app shops is set to achieve $52 billion dollars this year. So getting it right is crucial.
“In Q1 2016, mobile’s effect surpassed that of shop and pc mixed,” contributes Gwen Murray, cellular promotion cause at Basics. Actually she says, “the effect of cellular as an ‘influencer’ was greater than mobile’s immediate effect to in general.”
So how do you are making sure cellular matters?
“A lot of promoters want requirements,” Bhardwaj says. They’re essential because they not only help you evaluate success internal, but let you evaluate your own efficiency with market requirements and take advantage of market guidelines, from app finding and in-app alterations to long-term involvement.
And it goes far beyond just determining your dolphins and adopting them with your whole promotion price range. Actually dolphins are extremely unusual, as irregular as one in 1000 clients. And while 10 % of them can play a role up to 50 % of a game’s income, long-term value comes from discovering the KPIs that expose other useful clients, from long-time dolphins who help you generate video marketing dollars with lengthy period measures to social dolphins who create your game or app go popular, to the retail shop dolphins who discover your app inextricable from their shopping encounters, because of value-adds.
“You can get a lot of information about clients if they buy in the app with the app,” Bhardwaj contributes. “Every transaction is associated with client information, and you start to give better services, items, and promotion.”
But while the standard analytics are required to monitor and look at the right way, says Murray, avoiding will just hamstring muscle yourself — whether or not you’re a mobile-first organization.
“These analytics are definitely essential, but part of considering more generally about KPIs means considering more generally about how these analytics move up into the overall way of your business,” Murray describes.
She notices that cohort monitoring is one of the more important analytics that promoters can look at.
“When that’s available, it’s what viewers do eventually,” she describes. “How did they execute against some of those conventional or key metrics? How do we part in factors like income per set up, factors like immediate income, and then how do we percolate those up into broader-based KPIs which are going to help us discover the ideal positioning.
Activation activities are also really important for her promotion group at Basics. “One of them is when clients log on with their benefits consideration — or if they’re not signed in, we can stimulate them to indication up for a benefits consideration,” Murray says. “That’s one of the ways we really offer benefits to our clients, as well being able to monitor them.”
But it’s not just about looking at the production of how clients execute, she carries on. “Based on that efficiency,” she describes, “what are we doing to put useful features into our app? Are we developing for client delight? Are we taking client opinions into consideration, be it app shop opinions, client research, market styles, etc.”
For Basics that mean making benefits easier and the deal process structured by decreasing the check out display from 23 areas to 5 areas.
“The point there is generally that without powerful items, you won’t have important involvement or preservation analytics to evaluate,” she contributes.
For more on the KPIs to keep, from finding to long-term connections, the key variations between analytics and KPIs, and how Basics pushes the effect of cellular, make up for this professional VB Stay occasion.

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In this VB Stay occasion you’ll:
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Understand KPIs to focus on based on your type of app, objectives, and customer lifecycle stage
Know exclusive KPIs that can help illustrate value even if not a mobile-first business
Get action items for your new KPI information designed toward shifting the hook for your business
See how your app compares against key market benchmark
Gwen Murray, Mobile Marketing Lead, Stapl
Sheila Bhardwaj, Director of Account Management, TUNE
Wendy Schuchart, Specialist, VentureBeat
This VB Stay occasion is subsidized by TUNE.
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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Indian is no question one of the most well-known locations in the whole globe for vacations, breaks, honeymoons and vacation. But, it is the hardest task for any vacationer to discover the best resort online before choose any one. So, here is the record of top 10 resorts in Indian which I elevated to your shortlist after rating Tripadvisor real users experiences, opinions, well-known solutions as well as more luxuriously. Let’s examine it out-
The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udipur
The Oberoi Udaivilas is one of the most spectacular resorts in whole Indian. It’s situated at the traditional land of Udipur Rajasthan which shows the traditional attractiveness of mansions, castles & monuments. The Oberoi Udaivilas provides elegant attractiveness of traditional structure, spectacular areas, rippling fountains, transparent diving pools, vessel driving, and outdoor actions. You will feel like you are living in the structure with Rajput (Kings) design. Although it is most expensive too, if you have excellent budget, the Oberoi Udaivilas resort is must appropriate you. Don’t ignore to confirm out here most well-known holiday locations in Indian.
The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
The Taj Mahal Palace is one of the earliest and elegant resorts situated in Mumbai, Indian. It is the first option of tourists to keep who examine out to Mumbai for vacations, vacations or company travel. It is the spectacular resorts in Mumbai with the attractiveness of Entrance of Indian and amazing evening perspective over the infinite blue sea especially in moon evening. The Taj Mahal provides spectacular areas, spa service, cafes, evening groups, fitness center, diving pool area, shopping mall, restaurant/cafe and more-n-more what a vacationer can expect from a outstanding resort. The Taj Palace is no question one of the best top 10 resorts in Indian.
The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur
The Oberoi Rajvilas is one of most well-known, most expensive and elegant five celebrity resort is Jaipur Rajasthan which is well known for its spectacular structure renowned areas, elegant cottages, personal diving pools, gardens and the amazing ponds perspective with the attractiveness of old Rajasthan citadel design. There is also excellent service for company and company meetings with clerical solutions to create your business/corporate meeting/event a success. To get more info about Jaipur resorts, don’t ignore to confirm the latest publish on top 10 best Five celebrity resorts in Jaipur.
Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur
Taj Lake Palace, Again one of the most well-known and romantic resort from Udaipur, winner of several times famous prizes which renowned for its organic ladies and amazing architectural. It is also well-known as a leading honeymoon destination in Indian surrounding by Aravali Hills. Taj Pond Palace resorts can be categories into five level i.e. Huge Presidential Package, Huge Royal Package, Royal Package, Palace areas (villas) and splendid areas. You will get all the features in your space as Rajput design.
The Oberoi, Mumbai
The Oberoi resort (Mumbai) is the part of The Oberoi team which is best known of its most spectacular resorts in Indian. The Oberoi resort is one of the main competitors of The Taj Palace in Mumbai which provides presidential suite, leading suite, leading sea perspective space, Oberoi executive sea suite, luxurious and high-class areas. It also provides outstanding evening cafes, pubs, evening groups, fitness center, spa, salon with spectacular service. The Oberoi is the first option of tourists whenever they examine out Mumbai for any reasons e.g. vacations, company conference, break etc.
Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad
There is no question Taj Falaknuma Palace is one of the best and finest resort in whole Hyderabad, and also the most suggested option of any vacationer when they examine out in this hi-tech town. The ancient structure of this structure can impress anyone at first sight. It reminds the lifestyle of Indian Nizams and British leaders. It equipped with outstanding spectacular areas with Mughals design, conference halls for company, `private diving pools, wide variety of dining places, modern design groups, cafes, spa and organic lawns. It is also very near to Hyderabad top sightseeing opportunities like Charminar, Salarjung art gallery, Chowmahalla structure, Golconda citadel, Ramoji film town, Qutub shahi tombs etc.
Wildflower Hall, Shimla
Situated at the top reason for spectacular Himalaya, Wildflower Hall is the best spectacular resort at the top hills reason for Shimla. You can engage in there personal diving pools, spa and sun beds at the top of Shimla mountains. It provides spectacular areas, conference hall, company middle, gyms etc. It also provides adventures actions like hiking, mountain driving, archery, pool and more.
Edited: Hey!! Don’t miss the details on top Five celebrity resorts in Goa if you’re looking any great high-class resort to keep in Goa.
Leela Palace Kempinski, Bangalore
Leela structure Kempinski is one of the best spectacular resorts in the garden town Bangalore. The elegant structure, rich golden shady infrastructure and ornate roofs ensure it is vary from any other fiver celebrity resorts in Bangalore. It provides separate personal diving pools, company areas, ayurveda middle, groups, cafes, spa and outstanding elegant premiere & luxurious areas which offer all available features that an excellent category luxurious space deserves.
The Leela Palace Kempinski, New Delhi
The Leela Palace Kempinski New Delhi, Again one of the elegant resorts of the Leela Palace Kempinski Group. One of the best 4-5 celebrity spectacular resort in New Delhi which is very near to Primary Minister’s residence, Rashtrapati Bhavan (President House), the Secretariat, and Qutub Minar (One of the well-known traditional monument of Delhi, even India). It provides more than 250 spectacular areas, expensive dining places, exclusive spa, cafes and evening groups ensure it is stand out. This resort might be of interest by tourists, newly-weds on their honeymoon, business sector tourists, professionals, and premium customers. Also discover here, record of top Five celebrity resorts in Delhi.
Vivanta by Taj – Malabar, Kochi/Cochin
The Vivanta by Taj, situated at Willingdon Island with the outstanding perspective of Kochi harbour and organic charm of green-blues seashores. You can experience there unique sea meals, Chinese meals, local Kochi meals and best known barbecue meals. It provides spectacular space service with seashores perspective & great kindness. The best thing about The Vivanta, you can engage in vessel cruise with the service of cocktails/lunch/dinner. This makes it vary than any other Five celebrity resorts in Indian.
So, these are the India’s top 10 most suggested resorts based on Tripadvisor opinions. If you like/dislike this, publish your valuable comment below. I will happy to hear you.
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Fireworks are a category of low intense pyrotechnic gadgets used for visual and enjoyment reasons. The most frequent use of a firework is as part of a fireworks show also called a fireworks show or pyrotechnics, a presentation of the consequences generated by firework gadgets. Fireworks contests are also consistently organised at a variety of places.
Fireworks take many types to generate the four primary effects: disturbance, light, smoking, and sailing materials . They may be designed to lose up with shaded fire and initiates such as red, lemon, yellow-colored, green, red, violet, and gold. Shows are normal throughout the entire globe and are the centerpiece of many social and spiritual festivities.
Fireworks came to be in historical China suppliers in the Twelfth millennium to frighten awayevil mood, as a natural expansion of the Four Excellent Technology of historical China suppliers of gunpowder. Such important activities and festivities as China New Year and the Mid-Autumn Celestial satellite Event were and still are times when fireworks are assured attractions. China suppliers is the biggest producer and exporter of fireworks in the entire globe.
Fireworks are generally regarded as to where they perform, either as a ground or antenna firework. In the latter case they may provide their ownpropulsion (skyrocket) or be taken into the air by a mortar (aerial shell).
The most typical feature of fireworks is a document or pasteboard pipe or covering loaded with the flammable material, often pyrotechnic celebrities. A variety of these pipes or cases are often mixed so as to make, when kindled, a huge assortment of dazzling types, often variously shaded. The increase the kind of form of firework, although the first increases exponentially were used in war. The antenna spend, however, is the central source of today's professional antenna show, and a compact sized edition for customer use is known as the festival football in the U. s. Declares. Such bomb technology has also been used for the distribution of mail by bomb and is used as space for most design rockets
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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Computer and Information Technology::
১। Wi-Fi র পূর্ণরূপ — Wireless Fidelity.
২। HTTP এর পূর্ণরূপ — Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
৩। HTTPS এর পূর্ণরূপ — Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
৪। URL এর পূর্ণরূপ — Uniform Resource Locator.
৫। IP এর পূর্ণরূপ— Internet Protocol
৬। VIRUS এর পূর্ণরূপ — Vital Information Resource Under Seized.
৭। SIM এর পূর্ণরূপ — Subscriber Identity Module.
৮। 3G এর পূর্ণরূপ — 3rd Generation.
৯। GSM এর পূর্ণরূপ — Global System for Mobile Communication.
১০। CDMA এর পূর্ণরূপ — Code Divison Multiple Access.
১১। UMTS এর পূর্ণরূপ — Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.
১২। RTS এর পূর্ণরূপ — Real Time Streaming
১৩। AVI এর পূর্ণরূপ — Audio Video Interleave
১৪। SIS এর পূর্ণরূপ — Symbian OS Installer File
১৫। AMR এর পূর্ণরূপ — Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec
১৬। JAD এর পূর্ণরূপ — Java Application Descriptor
১৭। JAR এর পূর্ণরূপ — Java Archive
১৮। MP3 এর পূর্ণরূপ — MPEG player lll
১৯। 3GPP এর পূর্ণরূপ — 3rd Generation Partnership Project
২০। 3GP এর পূর্ণরূপ — 3rd Generation Project
২১। MP4 এর পূর্ণরূপ — MPEG-4 video file
২২। AAC এর পূর্ণরূপ — Advanced Audio Coding
২৩। GIF এর পূর্ণরূপ — Graphic Interchangeable Format
২৪। BMP এর পূর্ণরূপ — Bitmap
২৫। JPEG এর পূর্ণরূপ — Joint Photographic Expert Group
২৬। SWF এর পূর্ণরূপ — Shock Wave Flash
২৭। WMV এর পূর্ণরূপ — Windows Media Video
২৮। WMA এর পূর্ণরূপ — Windows Media Audio
২৯। WAV এর পূর্ণরূপ — Waveform Audio
৩০। PNG এর পূর্ণরূপ — Portable Network Graphics
৩১। DOC এর পূর্ণরূপ — Document (Microsoft Corporation)
৩২। PDF এর পূর্ণরূপ — Portable Document Format
৩৩। M3G এর পূর্ণরূপ — Mobile 3D Graphics
৩৪। M4A এর পূর্ণরূপ — MPEG-4 Audio File
৩৫। NTH এর পূর্ণরূপ — Nokia Theme(series 40)
৩৬। THM এর পূর্ণরূপ — Themes (Sony Ericsson)
৩৭। MMF এর পূর্ণরূপ — Synthetic Music Mobile Application File
৩৮। NRT এর পূর্ণরূপ — Nokia Ringtone
৩৯। XMF এর পূর্ণরূপ — Extensible Music File
৪০। WBMP এর পূর্ণরূপ — Wireless Bitmap Image
৪১। DVX এর পূর্ণরূপ — DivX Video
৪২। HTML এর পূর্ণরূপ — Hyper Text Markup Language
৪৩। WML এর পূর্ণরূপ — Wireless Markup Language
৪৪। CD এর পূর্ণরূপ — Compact Disk.
৪৫। DVD এর পূর্ণরূপ — Digital Versatile Disk.
৪৬। CRT — Cathode Ray Tube.
৪৭। DAT এর পূর্ণরূপ — Digital Audio Tape.
৪৮। DOS এর পূর্ণরূপ — Disk Operating System.
৪৯। GUI এর পূর্ণরূপ — Graphical User Interface.
৫০। ISP এর পূর্ণরূপ — Internet Service Provider.
৫১। TCP এর পূর্ণরূপ — Transmission Control Protocol.
৫২। UPS এর পূর্ণরূপ — Uninterruptible Power Supply.
৫৩। HSDPA এর পূর্ণরূপ — High Speed Downlink Packet Access.
৫৪। EDGE এর পূর্ণরূপ — Enhanced Data Rate for GSM [Global System for Mobile Communication]
৫৫। VHF এর পূর্ণরূপ — Very High Frequency.
৫৬। UHF এর পূর্ণরূপ — Ultra High Frequency.
৫৭। GPRS এর পূর্ণরূপ — General Packet Radio Service.
৫৮। WAP এর পূর্ণরূপ — Wireless Application Protocol.
৫৯। ARPANET এর পূর্ণরূপ — Advanced Research
Project Agency Network.
৬০। IBM এর পূর্ণরূপ — International Business Machines.
৬১। HP এর পূর্ণরূপ — Hewlett Packard.
৬২। AM/FM এর পূর্ণরূপ — Amplitude/ Frequency Modulation.
৬৩। WLAN এর পূর্ণরূপ — Wireless Local Area Network
৬৪। USB এর পূর্ণরূপ — Universal Serial Bus.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Two billion people on the planet use cell phones, according to James Katz, professor of communication at Rutgers University. In fact, there are more cell phone subscribers in the United States than there are people, according to an October 2011 study, underwritten by CTIA, the International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry. Cell phones have become so ubiquitous in our culture that Dr. Katz teaches a class on the social aspects of mobile communication. Smartphones, PDAs and other similar devices present the user with a variety of ways to communicate with the touch of a finger.
The internet plays an important role in keeping in touch with loved ones both near and far.
One-third (33%) of online adults say that the internet has improved their connections with friends “a lot,” and nearly one-quarter (23%) say that it has greatly improved their connections with members of their family. By contrast, far fewer say their internet use has improved their capacity to make new friends: only 12% of internet users feel that the internet has greatly improved their ability to meet new people, and nearly two thirds (64%) say that it has not improved their ability to meet new people at all.
Adults of all ages see the internet as an important tool for maintaining connections with family members, but young people are far more likely than older adults to go online in order to keep in touch with existing friends and make new contacts.
As early and avid adopters of social networking, instant messaging and other social media applications, the internet is a key tool for young people to communicate, meet new friends and keep in touch with old ones:
Cell phones and the internet are seen as positive tools for improving the quality of communications with family members, particularly those who live elsewhere.
Most respondents see the internet and cell phones as a positive (or, at worst, negligible) influence on the quality of communications with friends, family and co-workers.7 The internet and cell phones have the greatest positive impact on the quality of communications with family members living elsewhere, and the smallest positive impact on work-related communications. Notably, about half of the respondents in our survey feel that new communication technologies have not had an impact on their communications with household members, family members elsewhere, friends and coworkers. However, only a small percentage of adults feel that these technologies actually decrease the quality of their communications.
Most adults consider their family today to be as close, or closer, than the family they grew up in as children thanks to the internet and cell phones.
One-quarter of adults (25%) feel that the internet and cell phones have brought their family closer together than their own family was when they were growing up. Six in ten (60%) feel that these technologies haven’t made much difference in this regard, and only one-tenth (11%) feel that their family today is not as close as their childhood family because of new technologies. Families with the most technology – at least one cell phone and an internet connection – are relatively more likely to say their family is closer because of these technologies than are families with low levels of technology use.
Younger Americans, having spent much of their teens and early adulthood in a world of cell phones and internet access, tend to see little difference in the closeness of their current and childhood families. Two-thirds of 18-29 year olds and 62% of 30-49 year olds say that the internet and cell phones have not made much difference in how close their family is now compared with the one they grew up in. This drops to 55% for individuals age 65 or older.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Many Christians in India celebrate Jesus Christ's birth on on Christmas Day, which is annually held on December 25. The celebrations are most noticeable in states where there are many Christians. Christmas Day is a gazetted holiday in India.
What do people do?
Many Christians mark Christmas Day by attending special church services, spending time with family members, wearing new clothes and eating a festive meal. Some families exchange gifts or give small presents or sweets to children. They may display small electric lamps or small clay oil-burning lamps and decorate their homes with banana or mango leaves. Some also put up a nativity scene with clay figures or a Christmas tree. Christmas trees in India are usually imitation pine trees or branches of native trees or bushes.
Some stores and malls may put up Christmas decorations and have actors playing Santa. Christmas celebrations in tourist areas and hotels may be created to emulate how Christmas Day is celebrated in the countries where tourists and travelers are from.
Public life
National, state and local government offices, post offices and banks are closed on Christmas Day. Christian stores, businesses and other organizations may be closed or have reduced opening hours. Those wishing to use public transport on the day may need to contact the local transport authorities to check on timetables.
Many Christians remember Jesus Christ's birth when they celebrate Christmas Day, which is on December 25 in the Gregorian calendar. His actual birthday remains unconfirmed. Scholars think that Saint Thomas the Apostle introduced Christianity to the area that is now India around 52 CE. There are now around 24 million Christians in India. The states with the largest percentages of Christians are:
Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland in north-west India.
Goa on the west coast.
Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the south.
Christmas Day is widely celebrated in these states, but may be barely marked in others.
Symbols of Christmas in India include:
Small electric lights and oil burners.
Decorations made of banana or mango leaves.
Artificial pine trees or branches of native tree and bushes decorated with Christmas themed ornaments.
Nativity scenes with small clay figures.
Statues of or actors playing Santa Claus.
These are just some examples how Christmas is symbolized in India.
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