Thursday, 13 October 2011

  Last year we took a look at the EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioning system, which is a vest that's designed to blow cooling air across the torsos of leather-jacket-clad bikers. While the EntroSys needs to be attached to a bike-mounted air conditioning unit, there are doubtless many sweltering people who would appreciate a similar but more mobile garment, that they could wear while walking around or working outside. Well, needless to say, there is one - it's the Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooling Work Shirt.
The shirt features two fans which run at high or low speeds, as selected on a back-mounted control box (we're assuming that's where the fans are mounted, too). Air circulation is 20 liters (5.28 US gallons) per second at high, and 12 liters (3.17 US gallons) per second at low. Everything is powered by two AA batteries, although no run times are listed.
Kuchofuku also makes beds, seat cushions and mats with built-in fans.
The garment itself is made from polyester, is available only in dark grey, comes in four sizes, and weighs about 550 grams (19.4 oz) - presumably the fans and control box detach for washing. It can be purchased online from Japan Trend Shop, for US$186.
If you work in hot conditions, don't sweat it out any more. Kufukucho has come up with an ingenious solution. The Air-Conditioned Cooling Work Shirt! Yes, following the brand's clever series of seat cushions, mats and beds, this polyester shirt features fans that drive fresh, cooling air flow all over your body.
Powered by simple household batteries in a control box, you just need to connect the fans to the slow on the back of the shirt, and then hook up the cable. Adjustable to high or low depending on how much you need to cool down, the shirt is also available in a range of sizes and even features useful pockets and short sleeves to add to the practicality, and of course the coolness! Perfect for long, hard days in the hot months! 
The Kufukucho Air-Conditioned Work Shirt features:
P-500HC69 fan-cooled shirt
Short sleeves
Made from polyester
Color: Dark gray (color may vary slightly from images shown)
Air flow: about 20 liters per second (strong), about 12 liters per second (weak)
Weight: about 550g (19.4 oz)
Power Consumption: 2.5W
Includes: fans x2, control box, cable
Power: AA batteries x2 (not included)


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