Monday, 3 October 2011

Electronic Commerce or E-commerce , as it is most popularly known, is defined as the buying and selling of products and services over the Internet. But it has many more aspects. Transaction involving Buying and Selling are called Revenue – Generating transaction. E- Commerce also includes transactions that support revenue-gegerating like generating demand for goods and services, offering sales support and customer service or affiliating communication between business partners. Internet is Changing the way that many companies conduct their business. E-commerce is sum-total of various processes listed below. 
Information Sharing:
Every Company needs to make its customers aware of its products and services through advertising and marketing. In addition, they need to acquire information from customers in form surveys in order to reach customers better, and design your products to meet their needs. WWW provides effective medium for communicating with customers. Companies can design web sites to include catalogs that can be searched electronically. Companies can also send periodic notice about product upgrades and new features to interested parties by E-mail. Additionally, chat-rooms and Newsgroups foster information sharing
Ordering :
Customers can place orders for products and services through electronic forms or through e-mail. 
Customers can use credit cards , electronic cheques or digital cash to make online payments. Web softwares like commerce- Server , merchant –Server are also available to handle payments over the web. 
Order Fulfilment: 
Inthis era, known as Information Age, Our economy depends on daily transfer of massive information. Besides general form of information like Newsletters, News, Analysis Reports and Stock prices Electronic data also include software . Documentation, patches and upgreads are also well studied to Internet-based distribution. 
Internet lets you use e-mail to communicate with suppliers and Distributors about matters such as Delivery-Status. Many shipping companies let you use web to check delivery status. 

Service and support :
Technical notes about your product and its feature /uses, FAQs are some of the documents that you can make available to your customers via Internet. Besides this you can conduct online surveys to let your customers help decide what information you should provide and to improve the quality of your product/service. Customers can also be encouraged to send online –queries to be resolved by your support staff.


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