Sunday, 2 October 2011

Governance is a process by which institutions, organizations ,companies and societies ‘guide ’ themselves. It is also about how these bodies interact with each other , with their ‘clients ‘ and with the public. At its most basic level , it is abut how society organises itself for collective decision making , and also provides transparent mechanisms for seeing those decisions through. 
The change in the landscape of governance in recent years has been dramatic. Technological changes /development are taking place at a very rapid pace. Human knowledge is doubling every seven years. Communication that used to take days now takes seconds. This is causing staggering upheaval in social , political and economic systems. 
E-governance is a shorthand term for the use and impact of technology , in particular information and communications technology (ICT) , in governance systems. In other words , e- governance or electronic governance may be defined as delivery of government services and information to the public using electronic means. Use of IT in government facilitates and efficient, speedy and transparent process for disseminating information to the public and other agencies , and for performing government administration activities. 
Citizens increasingly expect the same level of service from government as they do from other organizations. Bossiness transforming their operations for the virtual world are unwilling to go on form-filling and standing inline for government, business and civil society and the functions they perform – are becoming blurred as power is distributed and the access cost to connectivity fall.

Thus throughout the world, we see Governments, businesses , and NGOs working together to bring about e-governance – from Singapore to South Africa, Andhra Pradesh to Washington DC. These are not just experiments in new modes of service delivery. E-governance inevitably also embraces – and is driven – new models of policy formulation, new forms of citizenship, new patterns of relationship and power, new options for economic development, and the search for new ways to connect people with the political process


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