Sunday, 2 October 2011

Internet has revolutionized the way we used to access and exchange information. Internet has turned the world into a global village as it has eliminated the geographical boundaries. Internet is rightly called information Super Highway. You can do virtually anything on Internet.
One can shop on internet from buyers across the world through their websites. E-commerce has revolutionized the way we do do bussiness. Companies can advertise and sell their products to the customers scattered all accross the globe. Customers can compare the price of products offered by different companies and can strike the best deal. One can find any kind of information over Internet. Internet has web sites and portals covering vast range of topics - Political, Religious, Technical, Educational, Commercial, Social an more. It has in its its store information pertaining to almost all the fields whethere it is Medical, Science, Arts etc.

one can get in touch with one's friends and relatives, via E-mail, Instant Messaging etc. One can send live Video his/her friends and relatives no matter in which part of globe they are.
One can do online share-Trading ,i.e. one can buy and sell equities online and manage one's portfolios.
Many Banking companies are also providing there services online.i.e. one can do transactions online and make ballance-enquiries.
E-learning is another possibility turning into reality. Many universities are conducting online courses and Digrees. Therefore, one can avail qualities education while sitting at home
Information sharing is yet another service of internet . Internet can share files and documents with each other . Newsgroups , provide facility of posting messages and sharing views on wide range of topics.
E-books covering a wide range of topics are available all over the net , which can easily be acquired.
Music and Video files can also be shared over the Net. Internet radio has made online music – listening possible. One can also watch online video/movies.
Therefore, from the above discussion it is clear that internet has made deep impact on the society. It has become one the faster means of communication , information sharing and conducting business transactions
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