Saturday, 10 December 2011

Coffee lovers Chris Mclean (design engineer) and Bruce Constantine (engineer/ entrepreneur) have spent the last two years developing a precision coffee brewer dubbed Espro Press. The product is similar to classical french presses, however Espro Press features a two-stage micro-filter that reportedly preserves coffee flavors and prevents sediments or muddiness in the coffee.
The Espro Press is made from stainless steel and features vacuum insulation which maintains 
water temperature for longer periods. In addition, the two-stage micro-filter keeps coffee grounds out of the cup and lets the aromatic oils in. The first micro-filter is vertical and reaches below the layer of coffee, which creates a clean coffee with aromatic oils seeping to the top. The second micro-filter makes sure your coffee is very clean, so extraction doesn't continue in your cup. According to Bruce Constantine, the two-stage micro-filter is 5-10 times finer than other coffee brewers currently on the market.
The first Espro Press model, which is currently on the market, makes a 1-3 cups of coffee and Espro Inc. has recently submitted their concept to Kickstarter to fund a product upgrade. The upgrade is a large Espro Press that holds 1.25 liters (42.27 oz), which would make 30 oz (0.89 L) of coffee - suitable for two to four people (4- 8 cups).


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