Monday, 16 January 2012

Bajaj Auto has recently launched its first car called “Bajaj RE60”. It is destined to become cheapest car in India. There was much hype and talks all around the corner for the first car by Bajaj Auto giving tough competition to Tata Nano as well as all the two wheelers that ply on Indian roads.
Bajaj RE60 has huge mileage of around 35 kmpl and is targeted for urban city as a mode of transportation for intra-city travel. It has 200cc engine (rear top). The engine of Bajaj RE60 is light kerb weight. As a result of this, the power to weight ratio for this car is very similar to that of A-segment cars in India. There is only a single wiper on the front widescreen and the car has big front bumper. The gear system of the car is located just below the speedometer in the middle of the dashboard.

Bajaj RE60 – Price
The price of Bajaj RE60 is not out as of now but it is expected to start from the price range of around Rs 1.25 lakh (INR).
Bajaj RE60 – Specifications And Features

Dimensions (LxWxH): 2752x1312x1650 mm
Engine : 200cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected DTSi
Mileage : 35 KMPL
kerb weight : 400 kg
Power : 20 PS
Boot space : 44 litres
Maximum Speed: 70 km/h
Turning radius: 3.5 m
Seating capacity: 2+2 or 1+3



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