Monday, 16 January 2012

Aakash tablet, which is the world’s cheapest tablet is now available for sale online. The company behind making this tablet, Datawind, has put up around 30,000 tablets up for sale at a price of Rs 2,500 (INR) each.
Aakash tablet is now available for sale, and you can now order your own tablet at The delivery time for this tablet to reach your home is expected to be around 7 working days as promised by the company.
Suneet Singh Tuli, Founder and CEO of Datawind said, “We have put up on sale about 30,000 tablets online, which will have a cash on delivery of 7 days. We have achieved pre-sale orders of about 400,000 tablets from individuals and corporates. But current supplies will only be limited for individual buyers,”
There is a next version of Aakash which planned to be rolled out during late January, 2012. The next commercial version of Aakash will be called Ubislate 7. The price of Ubislate 7 would be around Rs 3000 (INR). Ubislate 7 is all set to have 700 MHz processor which is just double than that of current version of Aakash tablet.
There are news which suggests that Datawind as a company is struggling with online customer service issues even when the sale of Aakash tablet is to be done for a limited customers only.
As of now, close to 10,000 tablets have been produced by the company. There is still around 90,000 tablets that needs to be produced by the company in order for the government to fulfil its promise of delivering tablets in schools and colleges. Other countries have praised India for coming up with such a low cost computing device in the world.


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