Monday, 13 February 2012

It seems that Microsoft India Store has been hacked. It has been hacked by some Chinese hackers – EvilShadow team – 7z1&Ancker.
The confirmation that this attack is carried out of Chinese hackers can be confirmed by the flag and the link to the blog that has been posted on the website of Microsoft India.
Not only have the hackers hacked the website, they have also leaked the database of Microsoft India Store. The database contains the login and password details and has no encryption of any type and can be read as plain text. The hackers have put a file called “evil.html” which says “Unsafe system will be baptized” – This can also be seen from the picture attached above.
One important point to note is that the official website of Microsoft India Store was not run by Microsoft but by Quasar Media. Quasar Media was appointed for maintaining and operating online store of Microsoft. 

At the time when this report was published, the site has been taken offline and all the files – “evil files” has been removed from the site.
These kind of incidents reflect the kind of security measures taken by such kind of websites. Our suggestion is that if you have ever used Microsoft India’s Store, then please change your login details immediately in order to be same from any of the hacker attacks.

For Microsoft India, it is now a big headache on how to save all the sensitive information that has already leaked out. Now let us see how Microsoft plans to resolve these issues.


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