Thursday, 9 February 2012

Gamers and the rest, get happy because this is going to be a happy and eventful year for us. There are some super exciting games to look forward to this year and some of the most awaited ones are listed here. This is a pick of our favorite one’s.
Halo 4 has been kept under wraps more or less but from the trailer what’s obvious is that there is some high action drama, a superb story line and top notch multiplayer gaming. Also, it features Master Chief and Cortana although these two are the only ones shown as of now; these are the only ones the audience cares about. It is speculated that the game will be out in the fall of 2012. This being the first of the three new part series, and considering that the efforts of around 343 industries within Halo have gone in, the company is leaving no stone unturned for making this really big.
GTA 5- 2012: 

It is undoubtedly the most awaited game of the year. Even before its release, GTA 5 has managed to cook up a storm that is refusing to settle. A well received feature of the game, the planes, are back and the map this time is huge but not empty like last time. This time its going to be Los Santos and its country side filled with crazy things to do and lots of fun. “It’s Los Santos and the surrounding countryside – and a very big map” said an official from Rockstar games.
Not as if the last two games of Far Cry were easy, the third edition is trying two combine the package of the first and second and in the process it is achieving a real tension and fire effect providing ability. The second game itself is so difficult that its getting hard to get through and the fire effects are so realistic it just completes the experience.
Now we have to agree that for a series that has been going on for six years now, this game has been long overdue. The Hitman games give the player a Bond like feeling and the player can actually choose the way in which he wants to execute his kill. You can either don the disguise of a friend of the target or kill them stealthily or you can go all guns blazing and knock everyone out. The new game is rumored to have more for the gamer in terms of missions to be completed.

Now this game is a survival horror game and many will say that there are plenty of such games in the market. But, what sets this one apart is the style of the players and the incredible graphics that it displays.
These are just some of the games waiting to be launched on your Playstation or Xbox. Others include titles like Mass Effect 3, BioShock Infinite, Max Payne 3, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. Hardware upgrades like Playstation Vita and Wii U will also be launched this year.


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