Thursday, 22 March 2012

Well, here’s a patent that Samsung, Apple, and all the other lawsuit-happy phone manufacturers probably won’t end up going to court about—Nokia has filed paperwork for a tattoo that would send a “perceivable impulse” to the user’s skin whenever someone calls or sends a message to their phone.
That’s right. You know that “chill” you sometimes get when someone passes by? You could have that feeling surgically implanted into your skin and coded to go off every time someone needs to reach you.
Here’s how
The technology behind this patent is actually pretty simple: the phone would be designed to emit magnetic waves, and the tattoo would act as a receiver. When the waves hit the tattoo, it would set off a tactile response in the user’s skin.
The site that originally spotted this unusual filing, Unwired View, reports that it would be possible to sync a phone and tattoo via the magnetic waves, just like one would do with a phone and Bluetooth set. This way, a phone call to one person doesn’t accidentally activate another person’s phone tattoo (because that would be awkward).
To make the tattoo magnetized, Nokia’s patent suggests using ferromagnetic ink, a material that includes compounds like iron and iron oxide. Before it goes into the user’s skin, it gets heated to a super high temperature to temporarily demagnetize it. Once the ink’s settled, the user can re-magnetize it by repeatedly running a magnet over the spot
The patent suggests users could customize the sensation, similar to selecting customized ring tones for friends and family. Different senses available could range anywhere between a dull tingle to an uncomfortable itch.
If tattoos aren’t your thing, there is an alternative . . .
Also in the patent paperwork is a description of a technology that allows users to wear a magnetic receiver on their skin, similar to a sticker, which vibrates whenever the phone rings.
It’s certainly less invasive, but no less creepy. .


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