Sunday, 1 July 2012

 With two tablet/e-reader producers – Amazon and Barnes and Noble - unleashing comparable products in the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for budget shoppers to make a choice.
Of course, it becomes easier if you have previously owned the Apple product, or the Nook Color; your loyalties would then most probably dictate your choice – but for first-time owners, the decision about which product to buy can become difficult. Let's take a head-to-head look to see if we can establish superiority.
At the moment, the Amazon Kindle Fire comes in at $200. Good for comparison as Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet cost the same. For all you frugal shoppers out there, price can not be a good reason to go for either of them so let's dig a little deeper.
The Nook Tablet is slightly superior here, but there are no startling differences in performance. Don't get fooled by the Nook's 1GB memory over the Kindle's 512 MB. RAM alone does not necessarily translate to superior performance or speed. Both products are dual-core, and speed is a function of a combination of many specs and software – not just RAM.
Ease of Reading
The Nook Tablet renders better text. Crisper text is displayed than that on the Kindle Fire, when similar font sizes are compared, both in the case of magazine and book viewing. Besides, with a read aloud feature a wider selection of children's books, and an animation feature that makes illustrations move, the Nook Tablet scores over the Kindle Fire as a child-friendly product as well.
Let's Get Physical
The Nook has a distinctive look, and stands apart in a universe of iPad look-alikes. The distinctive loop poking out of the left-hand corner, and its longer body encased in hard plastic gives it a totally different appearance. Of course, die-hard Apple fans may think this is actually a disadvantage! The Nook is also lighter, weighing in at 14.1 ounces (0.88 pound) to the Kindles 14.6 ounces (0.91 pound). Also featuring physical volume buttons instead of touch conversation, an option for adding on additional 32GB storage through a card slot, and with less glare on the display, the Nook Tablet can claim a slight edge in design – but then again, it boils down to personal preference.
Moving Around
Here the Kindle Fire wins hands down, because it is easy to navigate – orientation in portrait or landscape mode is possible; menus and design areconsistent. The Nook's menus for navigation, on the other hand is locked in as at permanent portrait mode.
Browsing the Web
Here again, Kindle Fire with the Amazon Silk Web browser is superior – the Nook Tablet's browser requires a lot of extra tapping to work, and moving between multiple windows is tedious.
Music Player and Speaker Quality
The convenient, well-designed music player and its integration with Amazon's music store in the Kindle Fire is its greatest strength. The music player in Nook's Tablet seems awkward 
in comparison.
In Conclusion If it's a good color e-reader that you are looking for, then the Nook Tablet would be your best bet; if on the other hand, you are an Amazon buff, buying and renting media from that source, then go for the Kindle Fire


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