Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Chloe Sims have always been open about her cosmetic work, having undergone breast enlargement operations, a butt lift and having veneers.
However, The Only Way Is Essex star admits she is going to more drastic measures to improve her appearance after a slew of daily abuse on Twitter.
The single mother, 30, admits she is taunted by Twitter trolls on a daily basis and it is wearing down her self-esteem.
She tells the new issue of Reveal magazine: 'I've always been insecure about my face, but reading that you’re ugly just makes it worse.
‘Every day someone says something nasty. They tell me I’m deformed, that I look like Pete Burns and Michael Jackson’s love child – and those are some of the nicer comments. Everyone hates everything about my face.
Over time it does make you think: "Am I unattractive?" It’s hard not to believe things like that when so many people say the same thing.' 
The model admits she has started having Botox injections to relax her jaw after online criticism it is too 'square'.
She also decided to thin her eyebrows after internet trolls accused them of being too big.
She explains: 'When I watch myself on the telly or see pictures, the first thing I notice is my square jaw.
'And people always talk about it. They tell me I look like that woman from the film Dodgeball – the one with a square face and really thick eyebrows.
'To be honest, I can see where they are coming from. My eyebrows were really big – but I’ve sorted them out now.'
After hating her natural teeth, Chloe got veneers done last year.
However, she insisted her full lips are 100 per cent natural, which she is also lambasted over on Twitter.
She said: '‘I’m still getting stick and people still hate my teeth.
'I get called a horse and sometimes drunken people shout: "Sort your teeth out!" And, to be honest, I now think my teeth are too long and too square.'
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