Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The mesh topology incorporates a unique network design in which each computer on the network connects to every other, creating a point-to-point connection between every device on the network. A mesh topology is used when there can be absolutely no break in communications, for example the control systems of a nuclear power plant. The purpose of the mesh topology is to provide a high level of redundancy. If a network cable, computers or other components fails, the data always has an alternative path to get to its destination.
A fully connected mesh network has n(n-1)/2 cables to link ‘n’ device. Therefore, every device on the network must have ‘n-1’ input/output ports. 
1. Provides alternative paths between devices in the network.
2. The network can be expended without disruption to currect users.
1. It expensive as because a large number of cabling are required.
2. Routing network traffic can be difficult because of all the different possible paths between nodes.
3. It is very expensive to wire up.


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