Tuesday, 12 November 2013

In a ring topology the computers are connected between each other in such a way that form a close loop. In practice a cable connects the first computer to the second computer, another cable connect the second computer to third and so on until the last computer is connected back to the first to completes the loop. It should be noted that the topology may not physically looks like a circle. The ring means the computers are connected with each other in a logical ring. The interconnecting cables may take any shape in practice. All the messages travel through a ring in the same direction.
Two major network types use the ring topology are::
1. Fiber Distributed Data interface FDDI where a large, high speed networks use fiber optic cables in a physical ring topology.
2. Token-Ring networks that use logical ring topology.
1. No collision of data as data travel in one direction only.
2. Easier to fault find. If any point gets broken we can trace that easily.
3. No terminator required.
1. Ring topology requires more cable then bus topology.
2. A break in ring will take the whole network down.
3. Addition or removal of any node can effect entire network.


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